Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life changes!

 I haven't wrote it sometime. A few new developments have happened in our life! Some are exciting and some are crazy!!

    First off, I'm PREGNANT! I'm due Feb. 20th 2013! We got pregnant, without any medical intervention. It was a HUGE surprise. We had tried for 3 years , without any catches. We had two miscarriages.
 One of the first things that comes to mind, is my weight. I was beyond terrified of my weight. I was weighing around 378, when we became pregnant. I went to my first doctors appointment, and confirmed what I already knew, and had a previous OBGYN tell me. I had PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). It affects people differently. Mine caused massive bad cramping during my period, and when I ovulated.
 So, When we had been trying to get pregnant.. I tracked when we thought I would ovulate. Well comes to find out. I ovulate LATE! I do not ovulate on my 28th day, or however it goes. So please, if you too are trying to get pregnant, and you keep trying around your ovulation date.. Don't skip other times!
  Well I was around 4 weeks along, and for whatever reason I KNEW I was pregnant. So, I went and got a 98cent pregnancy test from Walmart. Took it, and before time was up my positive was bright as day! This was 2am. My husband had to work the next day, and he was snoring in the bedroom. I ran jumped on the bed and said " LOOK WE ARE PREGNANT!!!". He was happy, and excited and I asked him the next day if he remembered. He said yes! LOL I of course called, and text everyone I could the next day, and blasted it in facebook. It was something to be happy about. Then, I stopped and worried till I hit my second trimester. I knew a miscarriage was possible  I was afraid, and very scared. I stayed in bed with morning sickness a lot. I was constantly sick, or not feeling well.
 My first real appointment I was 5 weeks 6 days a long. The doctor checked me over and drew blood. Well two weeks later they call and want me to attend a Gestational Diabetes class.. I was NOT happy. I waited two more weeks.. so I was 10 weeks along before they started me in on my diet. The first week was just diet controlled, and they didn't feel I could keep it down by diet. They started me on 1000mg of Metformin a day. Later, they started me on Humalin N, 10U at bedtime. I'm still only on 10U. I am however at 2000mg Met. I would rather take it then anything!. I've ALSO lost weight 25lbs to date. I'm down to 350! which is great. Baby is growing beyond great and we are happy!!

       By the way baby is a GIRL! We have our perfect little family.. :)
 If you have any questions please contact me!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My commitment..

 I wonder sometimes where or IF I have the motivation to actually do something about my weight. Recently I've decided that it is time to take my weight into my own hands, and start figuring out why I am overweight. What emotional issues do I have that are causing me to keep my weight on? I really have no desire to be over weight. I also don't have a lot of desire to put forth the super effort to lose the weight.. On the other hand I'm Psyched to get on a diet?? What in the world!
 I've started researching vitamins, minerals, and teas to see what are important to the funcation of MY body. So far so good. I've found a lot of my vitamins at puritans pride and they are cheap enough to buy them without much to spend! I'm very glad.
 I suggest any of ya'll look at your multivitamins and make sure your taking the right amount. If your not taking any, you need to. Our foods are not jam packed with vitamins like they was 60 years ago. If you think you eat healthy, and get all your vitamins that way.. I think you should do some research of your own. Vitamins are very important. When you have things happen, say skin conditions, or anything of that nature. It could be a vitamins inefficiency...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

OH the pain!

 Today was GREAT. We went to the Apache Rattlesnake Festival. It's a yearly thing they have. They have vendors of all kinds there. From purses, toys, to food vendors. It's a family thing! We all go. It's a blast as well. Serious walking. It's fun for the kids and everyone. We ate an Indian Taco, for anyone who hasn't a clue what that is.. LOL it's fry bread with taco toppings really, add beans and your done. I ate most of it. I was HUNGRY!! Anyways. more to come later!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A month of Mondays..

Me wearing an 18W, smallest ever!

 I can remember before my lap-band, always starting a diet on "Monday". My grandmother someone I love dearly has always been my biggest cheerleader. She also has been my biggest help with diet "stuff". I say that because if it's a new diet, she will buy it for herself, so she says.. Give it to me to TRY before she tries it..My grandmother is 80 years old, and 5 lbs over her HER! Ideal weight LOL.. Not the doctors.. The doctors think she is at a fine weight.. Not heavy, not thin so if she gets sick she has some fat to deal with. I've been on every diet A-Z, Atkins-Zone.. I've tried Jenny Craig, weight watchers, diet pills, and diet "coffee". I must say even though it didn't work, the diet coffee was my favorite lol. I had some luck with most of these diets. No sticking weight loss though. My biggest weight loss was either low-carb, or a diet pill called Redux. I lost 50 lbs in 2 months with that pill. My mother took me off of it, she said it worked great but that was to much weight to lose in 2 months. She was right, I've crashed dieted. I've know I've messed my metabolism up. So, when I got my lap-band and I lost weight and was doing great I was beyond excited. I'm still happy and excited, I just don't remember the road to get there.. So I found a website after a search and It came up with information that is helping me get back to what I should be doing! Which is eat my protein first, then veggies, then If I have room grains of carbs of some sort. Now, I don't know that I've explained the band before so here I go. The lap-band is a silicone band they put around the top of your stomach and they latch it in there. They do a few stitches so it will stay in place. The also place a port, on the left side of your body. This port is connected to the band. This is the way they "fill" the band. The fill tightens the balloon like band up around the top of your stomach creating a smaller opening, making you full faster and longer. The longer it takes the food to go through the fuller you are for longer. Helping slow you down and lose the weight. If you eat right, you get your veggies, proteins, carbs, fruit and good fats and stuff in. When I had the surgery in 2006, I was never taught the proper banded diet. I never seen a nutritionist, so I was on a losing battle. My diet consisted of whatever I could eat in smaller portions. So when I got pregnant, and they unfilled my band so I could eat more I ate more...not the right stuff either. So, as I gained my weight back, and drank with my meals which is the biggest no no with the band, or ONE of the biggest no nos with the band. I cheated it.. Now, I'm dealing with the fact I know how to cheat my band, but I do not want to cheat my band! :) So, it's a fight between good and evil, and Good will prevail, it will just take me some time to get back to my old self! So I'm ready, are you? I'm not wanting to be a skinny minnie. I want to be healthy, and have my husband not worry about my health.. I also have him to worry about.. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My battle..

My battle with my weight has been a lifelong situation. Recently, I've decided that without my full attention almost, it will not go anywhere. I wake up and half way do my diet. I half way do anything now a days. I'm so tired. It's almost harder for me to work out, then to just not eat. Today has been fairly good! I've also been counting calories and I'm over just a tad not a lot! Which for me is still better then being over A LOT! Tomorrow I'm doing some spring cleaning. I have to get my treadmill uncovered so I can start walking on it. I also have a gym membership I suppose I need to start using! I really want to get my son into sports soon. There is t-ball starting and I want to get him into that! Something I will look forward to taking him to local games. I think he would enjoy it as well.. He also has a desire to play soccer so.. That may come next! I would really like to get him into a school that offers tball though.. Anyways.. thank you for reading!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's a wet one today!

 It sure is wet here in Oklahoma. We have had some storms blow through with some massive rain and lightning! Dallas area got hit REALLY bad! Praying for all effected by the storms aftermath!

   So today I took a trip to the store. I grabbed some pretty good deals. I bought some yoplait greek yogurt with x2 the protein. I love greek yogurt. It's thicker, and creamier then the regular. Anyways enough about me!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Weight watchers and the Lap-band

I'm not really sure on how to combined the two. I know that I have fallin away from how to properly eat with my lap-band. I was considering another surgery. I'm not against it, but I feel like a failure if I go on with it. The only surgery I want in the next 3 years is a C-section to have me another baby! So, I'm going to start WW's full force and eat right with my lap-band. I know some things I have to break habits of. One of which is staying up way to late at night! It's almost 1 am, and I am going to go lay down and get up early in the AM and do my walking on my treadmill!
I will post tomorrow for sure!!